Program Description: 

Welcome to the “28 Day Summer Shred” Program. This program is designed to kick start your summer program and get you ready for “shirts off summertime”. 

The program lasts 28 days and utilizes the most effective workouts from my book “Maximus Body”. They were specially selected to help you get stronger, build strength & size, and get you shredded. In addition to the workouts you’ll also need to do an hour of cardiovascular exercise every morning on an empty stomach (see the rules at the bottom). In all you’ll be “working out” 11-12 times a week and you’ll repeat this pattern for 4 weeks (or 28 straight days of hard ass work). 

Some people may need longer than 28 days depending on their starting point so this program could be repeated as many times as needed. I’ve seen people starting from a zero point of fitness make life altering transformations in 3 months with the proper amount of effort. 

It may seem like a lot of work but ask yourself a question: How bad do you want to see progress? Take the plunge, make the commitment, Nothing that is worth it is ever easy. If you came here looking for a magic pill or looking to pay three easy installments of $9.99 this is the wrong program for you. This program is all about hard work and real results. 

Know that these workouts by themselves won’t be enough either. You’ll need to pay some extra attention to your diet. I don’t believe in giving people a specific diet but I do believe in giving them some rules to follow. Follow the rules and do the program and you’ll see the best result of your life. You can find the rules in my article “Five Simple Rules For Fat Loss”. 

Rules For Early Morning Cardio: 

The duration of the session should last 60 minutes and should be done Monday through Friday. 

Cardiovascular exercise needs to be done in the morning on an empty stomach. 

The only thing you’re allowed before hand is water and/or black coffee. Zero calories. 

The pace of the cardio should be hard enough to get you a serious sweat. It should be hard but not crushing. 

You can do steady state or intervals to mix it up once in awhile but for this type of training I prefer doing “Fartlek” style work. 

“Fartlek” is Swedish for “speed play.” It’s an unstructured interval run, where you go from easy to moderate to hard efforts at random. It’s also fun to do with friends by playing games like follow the leader. There’s a huge mental benefit from this training due to its unpredictability—ditch your watch, your distance goals, and all your other numbers and just go out, have fun, and keep it free flowing. 

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