Featured on www.menshealth.com on March 31st, 2017:

“A key skill for succeeding in a battle, race, or CrossFit competition is learning to pace yourself. That’s why I do this workout with Special Forces soldiers, pro endurance athletes, and CrossFit pros that I train.

I find that most guys have one of two pacing problems: They go in too hot—giving too much effort to soon—and explode early. Or they don’t put in enough sustained effort and fall short.

That’s why I developed the “Can’t Vs. Won’t” workout. In it, you set a rower’s computer’s interval setting to 30 seconds of work, and 90 seconds of rest (you can also do the workout running, explained below). Then you row 140 meters and no more and rest 90 seconds. That’s one round. The next round, you row 141 meters and no more, followed by your 90 seconds of rest.”

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