During my career I have worked with numerous NFL athletes, NBA athletes, MMA Fighters, and other sport specific athletes who have a seemingly complex problem to solve: They need to gain weight but they cannot sacrifice their speed, agility, or athleticism.

A lot of people think it is not possible to gain weight and increase speed but that’s not true. I have worked with plenty of athletes who have done just that. This program is based on that work.

The original program was developed for Chad Hall, a Heisman trophy candidate and NFL veteran. When he graduated from college he owed service to the Air Force. When he finished serving his time in the Air Force he wanted to try out for the NFL. At the time he was 169lbs and hadn’t played football in 2 years. After seven weeks of this style of programming he gained 13lbs of solid muscle and then went out and had the best combined scores of his career. He was also able to run a 4.4 40yd dash.

I also used this style of programming with a decathlete who went from 165lbs to 178lbs in an eight week period. He not only gained size but also strength and speed. His Deadlift and Back Squat went up. His 40yd speed dropped to 4.56 from 4.68 and his 200 time decreased from 23.71 to 23.1. All of his rowing times also improved.

There’s no secret to this program. It’s just the right combination of lifting, running, and sport specific work. There are four days of weighted work per week with a strength & hypertrophy emphasis. There are also dedicated sprinting sessions on two of the days. Finally there are two days meant to be dedicated to actually playing your sport.

A few notes. For the two-a days you could reverse the order of the workouts if it works better for your schedule. Each workout is not time dependent (i.e. absolutely must be done in the morning). Also you cannot skip the sport specific days. This is an important part of maintaining and developing your athletic skillset. If you are a wide receiver for example you must practice running your routes. If you are a point guard you must practice dribbling and shooting. Recovery is also crucial. This is not an easy program and there is a lot of volume. Make sure you get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Make sure you get regular massage and also foam roll. Also make sure you stretch regularly to keep the hamstrings in good working order.

As a final note remember eating enough is essential. You need to consume enough calories to grow the muscle you need. This isn’t the time to be on a diet. Focus on eating like a horse and crushing your gym sessions. Those are your two full time jobs should you decide to take on this program.


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