Program Description:

It’s rare that I’ll claim that I’m the best at something but when it comes to writing training programs for BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) I don’t think there’s anyone better. 

To create training programs for BJJ I think it is essential that you have an extensive background in the sport. I think it is equally important that you have an extensive background in Strength & Conditioning. I have both. 

When it comes to BJJ I have fought and won in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, including winning a ‘Submission Of The Night’ award. I am a 3 time Canadian BJJ Champion and I’ve won two World Championships in BJJ (Both Gi and No Gi). During my many years as a professional athlete I’ve had numerous BJJ matches, trained for countless hours and had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best like Suyan Queiroz, Carlaos Santos, Sylvio Behring and Shah Franco. I’ve also worked with and written programs for some of the best BJJ athletes on the planet. People like Eliot Marshall.  

When it comes to Strength & Conditioning I wrote a best selling book for Men’s Health called ‘Maximus Body’, I am a regular columnist for Men’s Health, I’ve been featured in numerous exercise publications, and I’m a sought after speaker and trainer. I was also named one of the 100 Fittest Men Of All Time. 

This program was written from my experience in both fields. The goal of this program is to help a BJJ practitioner dramatically increase their performance in the sport. It will help build strength, protect against injury, and develop muscular endurance. 

The equipment needed for the program is a barbell, dumbbells (or Kettlebells), pull-up bar, a bench, and a box to step up on. 

The program has three days of weights with 4 “off days”. The “off days” are not rest days because presumably the athlete will be going to BJJ practice. Note that the athlete can also go to BJJ practice on the weight training days in addition to the gym workouts. 

This program is suitable for both Men & Women and will help anyone at any level. 

It can be repeated multiple times as long as performance is continually improving. 

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