I have a dear friend in Ireland named Colin O’Shaughnessy and he has a gym I’ve wanted to visit for quite sometime. It’s called Elite Fitness Center and is in “The People’s Republic of Cork”. He’s been a friend for years and we have always thought the same of training ourselves and training others. He truly is a kindred spirit. It’s an honor to be here training with him and seeing what he has built. It feels like a second hime. 


3×5 Wall Squat 

3×10 Squat 


3×10 Squat @ 95lbs (40kg) 


3x (4-3-2-1) Partial Squats @ 95lbs (40kg) 


5×2 Jump Squat @ 95lbs (40kg) 

Rest 60sec between each set 


2x Deadlift @ 225lbs (100kg) 

2x Jump Squat @ 135lbs (60kg) + 

2x Knee Jump-To Floor-To Box 

Five Sets, Rest 3-4 minutes between each 

Then, Later: 

3×5 Wall Squat 

3×10 Squat 

3×5 Goblet Squat @ 25lbs (12kg) 


Work up to Heavy Squat 


3x Squat @ 60% 1RM (with a pause at the bottom of each rep) + 

30sec Box Jump + 

30sec Explosive Step-up 

Five Sets, Rest 2 min between each 


10x100m SkiErg Sprint 


Bobby Maximus & Colin & The Elite Crew 


60 minutes each session


The Bobby Maximus How To Videos Section (Media-Video-How To)


The Bobby Maximus Youtube page:


Note about the training: Day to day entries will change. Some entires will be workouts I have done that day, some entries will be workouts that people I train did that day. Some entries will be my favorite all time workouts or something I saw on the internet that I thought would be good for you to experience. Remember that because of the changing nature of the entries these workouts are not meant to be prescriptive. For example they aren’t necessarily written down with the intention of you following them precisely. Rather, they are meant to collectively build a resource that you can learn from. Hopefully you can implement some of these ideas and workouts into your own training in order to better your fitness.

Also note that I won’t be posting at the same time every day. If I workout early then it might get posted early. If I workout late then it might get posted late. If I am in  different time zone then hell, I don’t know what time it will show up. Just a head’s up. That said, I will do my best to get them to you in a timely fashion. You have my word on that but remember I don’t have an army of internet monkeys at my beck and call. I am doing this on my own…