Recently I made a promise to myself that I was done with negative people, negative influences and would only surround myself with the absolute best. My friend Byron Godfrey is one of the people I’ve chosen to have in my circle. He more than a friend. He’s a respected colleague, a person who calls me out on my bullshit when I need it, and a person I can count on. He’s also world class trainer and leader. I was extremely excited to have him visit me this weekend so we could get in some serious work together. We learned, laughed, and made some plans for world domination. If you have a chance to work with him I’d highly recommend it. He’s helped change many people’s lives and I myself am better for having him in my world. If you’re in Texas he’s the number one person I’d visit. Hell, I’ve flown across the country to spend time with him. He’s that good. You can find him running MisFit Strength & Conditioning in one of my favorite cities, Houston. Make sure you check him out. You’ll be better for it.

Friday, August 10th, 2018 

Work up to Heavy Bench via 10-1 Ladder (Yes, I know I do this a lot) 


10×25 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 2 x 60lbs Dumbbell 

Rest 60sec between sets 

Then, Later (i.e. Workout 2) 

10 sets of Banded Bicep Curls to failure. Not sure how heavy band is. Just did each set till it felt like my arms would rip

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

A bunch of Work on the ATP (Athletic Training Platform from Westside Barbell)

A bunch of Work on the Plyo Swing (from Westside Barbell))

A bunch of Inverse Curls (from Westside Barbell)

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

10 sets of Banded Bicep Curls to failure. Not sure how heavy band is. Just did each set till it felt like my arms would rip


Bobby Maximus & Byron Godrey


60 minutes for each session 


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Note about the training: Day to day entries will change. Some entires will be workouts I have done that day, some entries will be workouts that people I train did that day. Some entries will be my favorite all time workouts or something I saw on the internet that I thought would be good for you to experience. Remember that because of the changing nature of the entries these workouts are not meant to be prescriptive. For example they aren’t necessarily written down with the intention of you following them precisely. Rather, they are meant to collectively build a resource that you can learn from. Hopefully you can implement some of these ideas and workouts into your own training in order to better your fitness.

Also note that I won’t be posting at the same time every day. If I workout early then it might get posted early. If I workout late then it might get posted late. If I am in  different time zone then hell, I don’t know what time it will show up. Just a head’s up. That said, I will do my best to get them to you in a timely fashion. You have my word on that but remember I don’t have an army of internet monkeys at my beck and call. I am doing this on my own…