Since I put up my post from the hospital people have been asking me if I would train hard this week. A lot of people straight up told me just to rest and not take stupid risks. I’ve actually decided to take an easy week. Maybe even two. I’ll do whatever it takes to fix what’s going on. Given the circumstances I thought this was a perfect time to talk about the phrase “Every. Damn. Day”. It’s more than a just a catchy slogan. It’s the philosophy of my life. What does it mean? It means that every day I do something to make myself better in some way. Some people think it’s only about training my ass off but it’s not not that simple. Sometimes taking it easy makes you better. Sometime practicing form makes you better. Sometimes engaging in easy workouts makes you better. This phrase though goes far beyond just exercise though. Every day I try to make myself better intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically.

As a background to this I’ve been dealing with some health issues the last six weeks. I contracted both Camplyobactor and a very aggressive strain of C-Diff. I’ve lost 16lbs, been shitting blood, had violent night sweats and recently was admitted to the ER with severe abdominal pain. I’m lucky I didn’t have to get my colon removed. There may be some other things going on so I go see a specialist this week.

Going hard doesn’t help me right now. Especially if it leads to a serious medical consequence. I don’t want to be sick anymore and I don’t want to lose my colon. So what can I do to get better if I’m not training hard? You can see from the post that I’m practicing recovery. I’m doubling down on all restorative practices. More water, better food, more massage, more stretching, and I’ll be living in these @ntrecovery boots. I’ll be reading to improve my knowledge base to help me write my next program, and finally I’ll do restorative work in gym. I know you all love the hard stuff and you know I love it too but sometimes that’s not the thing to make you better. Sometimes it can cause damage. Sometimes it better to train smart than hard. You’ll be better for it. I know I will be.




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Note about the training: Day to day entries will change. Some entires will be workouts I have done that day, some entries will be workouts that people I train did that day. Some entries will be my favorite all time workouts or something I saw on the internet that I thought would be good for you to experience. Remember that because of the changing nature of the entries these workouts are not meant to be prescriptive. For example they aren’t necessarily written down with the intention of you following them precisely. Rather, they are meant to collectively build a resource that you can learn from. Hopefully you can implement some of these ideas and workouts into your own training in order to better your fitness.

Also note that I won’t be posting at the same time every day. If I workout early then it might get posted early. If I workout late then it might get posted late. If I am in  different time zone then hell, I don’t know what time it will show up. Just a head’s up. That said, I will do my best to get them to you in a timely fashion. You have my word on that but remember I don’t have an army of internet monkeys at my beck and call. I am doing this on my own…