I have heard it all in my career. 

All the bullshit excuses and all the lies people tell themselves. 

They say things like: “I’ll start Monday”, “It’s not my fault”, “I can’t”, “It’s not fair”, “I’m offended”, “I’m too tired”, “easy for you to say”, “I’ve had a busy day” or my personal favorite “I don’t have time”. 

They do more than just make excuses too. 

They blame other people for their lack of success like those people somehow stole success away from them. 

Once that stops satisfying their insecure ego they belittle other people’s achievements by saying things like “They had good genetics”, “they copied everything they know”, “they got lucky”, or “they’re on steroids or drugs”. 

These people will even go out of their way to bash people on social media, podcasts, or Facebook. 

Let’s have a real talk. 

You know what kind of people say and do these things?: Losers. 

They have a loser mentality through and through and until they recognize that the problem is within they’ll never improve. They’ll continue making excuses, hating others, and blaming other people. 

They can talk all they want but talking won’t help. 

The only thing that will help is some introspection and the realization that nothing in life is just handed to you. 

To be a winner you have to have a winner’s mentality. That means being focused on yourself and not other people. That means having desire. You have to want it. You have to work for it. You have to give everything you have to get it.

Every. Damn. Day. 

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