When it comes to over training, or even just poor performance in life, the culprit is usually a lack of sleep. 

Want to change your life for the better? Get more of it. Make sleep a priority. 

Think of yourself as a smart phone and your bedroom as the charger. If you leave the house in the morning and your phone is carrying a 20% charge how useful a tool is it really? It will be shutting down by noon. You can’t text, you can’t talk, you can’t play on Facebook, get directions, or check your email. The phone becomes useless. On the other hand if you leave the house on a 100% charge you have a useful tool all day until you get home at night. Your your body works the same way. Get enough quality sleep and you leave the house fully charged and ready to go. If you leave under slept and undercharged then how well do you really expect yourself to perform? 

There is nothing more anabolic then a few extra hours of sleep a night. Try to accumulate 8-9 hours a night. Protect the quality of that sleep by turning your bedroom into a place of rest. Use black out curtains to keep out the light. Get rid of the light and energy in the room by getting rid of the electronics. If you use an alarm clock tape over the lights so that it doesn’t fill your room. By getting 8-9 hours a night in a completely dark and restful environment your body will produce more human growth hormone and more testosterone. This will lead to numerous positive effects including a higher training intensity and therefore better gains in the gym. Probably in life as well. 

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