A lot of people notice that from time to time I will have a drink.  

They are often shocked. That somehow fitness and drinking don’t fit together.  

Yes, I watch my diet.  

Yes, I pay attention to what I eat.  

Yes, I drink from time to time.  

I follow something called the 90% rule. 

SO that means 90% of everything I do is pointed in the direction of my goals.  

AND the other 10% I can have a bit of fun and enjoy because life is meant to be enjoyed.  

Even when I enjoy though I pay attention.  

So here are a few strategies I employ so I can drink, enjoy myself but not derail my fitness goals.  

1) I only drink quality stuff. Top shelf. I am discriminate with what I put in my body. Just like the food I eat, I only drink the best. Quality is everything.  One of my favorite brands is Clearwater Distillery. Its super high quality and pure. IF you want some grab it HERE 

2) I stay away from garbage mix. First off, good alcohol should be enjoyed alone. But if I do want a mix I don’t use soda, or sugar filled garbage.  

3) I don’t pair “bad” food and drink. I consider either a treat. A lot of people go all in when they go off the rails. So i won’t pair Doritos with booze if that makes sense. If I am enjoying a drink it is on a day when I have done everything else perfect.  Just a few things I thought that you may find interesting and help you like it helps me. 

So you can have fun and CRUSH it to.