Today I woke up, stepped on the scale, and screamed so loud I think I woke up the entire neighborhood. 

Why am I so excited to be back at 240lbs? 

Let me educate you. 

It means that I’m back motherfuckers. Just under a year ago I got really sick with a deadly, antibiotic resistant strain of something called ‘Clostridium Difficile’. One in Five die from what I had. I fought it for a bit but soon the disease brought me to my knees. I lost 47lbs in 30 days. I was shitting blood, could barely walk at times, couldn’t sleep, and was confined to the house on bed rest, and had numerous doctor visits and hospitalizations. 

At times it didn’t look good. Doctors wanted to remove my insides because I wasn’t getting better. Fuck that, no one is talking anything away from me. I had one choice and that was to do what I always do. Get back to my feet, tuck my chin, and start throwing punches. 

Even though I was fighting there were times I legitimately didn’t know if I’d make it. I remember one night in particular that I was sleeping in the bathtub naked in so much pain I thought I’d die. I actually got a hernia that night and felt my intensities coming through my skin from my stomach going into extreme spasms. I remember thinking this is how my family will find me the next day.

Fast forward a bit and I was able to heal but was left with a severe form of Ulcerative Colitis. Doctors told me I’d never be normal again. That I’d never get back to where I was and I was in for a life of pain, medication, and hospitalization. Again, fuck that. No one or no thing is ever going to tell me what to do or decide how I live my life for me. 

So again why am I so excited to be 240lbs? 

Because I fought, scratched, and clawed my way back here from 198lbs and deathly ill. I’m disease free, as strong as I’ve ever been, and defied every single thing the doctors and experts told me. I’m even off the meds they told me I’d be on for life. What a great fucking day. Now it’s time to celebrate. How? I’m going to make this year the best year of my life and really do everything I’ve ever dreamed of. 

It’s time to work… 

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