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I’m always hesitant to say I am an expert because I truly believe there is always more to learn. That said, if there was an area I’d attempt to make that claim, it would be in the world of “Fight Specific” conditioning.

I fought multiple times in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). I won a world championship in the Ring Of Fire against UFC veteran Eliot Marshall. I was ranked 2nd in the world in amateur kickboxing and fought for world title. I was a highly decorated collegiate and national level wrestler. I also have won national championships and a world championship in Jiu-Jitsu. In addition to my fight experience I also have a tremendous resume as a strength & conditioning coach. I’ve studied with the best in the world. I’m a subject matter expert with Men’s Health, and I’ve run some of the world’s best strength & conditioning programs. I was named one of the “100 Fittest Men Of All Time”, and I’ve worked with numerous professional athletes.

This program is representative of what I would prescribe for a fighter looking to improve their fitness in order to elevate their fight game. The program would be most suitable for a mixed martial artist (i.e. UFC), boxer, or kick boxer, but would definitely also work well for a wrestler or grappler.

There are 5 workouts each week. A lot of people think there should be more but a fighter needs to constantly work on their craft. It’s fine to be strong and fast but without a highly developed skillset it means nothing.

The key days of the program are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Due to the demands of a fighter’s schedule, if they only had time to train three days a week in the gym then these would be the workouts necessary. Tuesday and Thursday workouts are meant to work on aerobic base, mobility, and recovery and help make the program more well rounded.

This program is one month in length and is balanced enough that it could be repeated for months in a row without issue or the development of imbalances.

As a final note remember to prioritize sport specific work. I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s great to be in better shape than everyone else but it doesn’t matter if you can’t throw a punch.


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