If you haven’t already completed the program “Introductory Mass Gain” I would attempt that before attempting this. The introductory plan will help you determine your 1RM in various lifts (Deadlift, Bench Press, Back Squat, Etc) and help you build the foundation necessary to complete this plan.

This plan is not easy and not for beginners. This is a plan that I would give to an experienced athlete with a lengthy history of lifting. There are four days of lifting a week and some of them are brutal. If they don’t seem brutal you are doing the workouts incorrectly or you have no idea what your real 1RM numbers are. If you complete this plan properly it ends up being 4 weeks of soreness. Don’t worry the soreness is a good thing. It means you are growing.

The key component of this training planning is the 10×10 format. It is in my opinion the single best format to put on both size and strength. The reason a lot of people don’t do it is because it is extremely taxing both physically and psychologically. You need to make sure you are 100% present for these efforts. You need to attack these workouts with maximum intensity and constantly push your limits. Don’t settle for a lighter weight than you should use and don’t skip out on reps. Also keep the rest periods strict. As you progress each week these should get more and more difficult.

I have seen people put on as much as 15 pounds in 4 weeks on this style of program. To do that you will need to pay attention to a lot more than just the weights that you are lifting. This program requires 8 hours of sleep a night and an extreme dedication to eating. It’s a simple reality: If you don’t eat you won’t grow. Make sure you are eating enough calories to not only fuel the high workload but also to repair and build your muscles. If you want this program to work to it’s full potential eating will be a full time job for you over the next four weeks.

So to summarize: Eat all of the food, sleep a lot, and attack each workout like it’s your last. Do that and you’ll get the result you are looking for.


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