People think that you absolutely need equipment to put together a meaningful training plan. Bullshit. All you need to get fit is a floor and an empty space. Okay, maybe you also need some legs, a set of lungs, and a heart too. But that is really it.

There are going to be times you have no equipment. Maybe you are traveling, maybe you are working long hours and only have time to train at home, or maybe you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have access to a gym. This plan can help solve all those problems. I’ve been in these situations many times myself and had to “figure shit out”.

There are some people out there who may question how well this plan will actually work. We are programmed to believe we need fancy equipment. It’s funny because I have access to a world class gym (10 minutes from my home) on a day to day basis, I also have one of the best garage gyms in the world attached to my home, and yet I find myself regularly incorporating a lot of these no gear workouts and movements into my training. Why? Because they really work.

The program itself is one month in length and requires a commitment of six days a week. There is one rest day. When I say you need no gear you absolutely need no gear. I have seen no gear programs that still require boxes to jump on or pull-up bars. This plan really requires nothing.

This plan is suitable for both men and women and also contains a bunch of workouts I have incorporated with kids that I train.

Finally, feel free to pull workouts from the plan to use in emergency situations or to use as “one offs” (i.e. you are only traveling for a day or looking for a change of pace). Each of these workouts stands alone as a great session you could do anytime. I usually keep a bank of them on my phone and visit them as desired.


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