Your level of fitness is affected by more than just how much or how hard you train. Your nutrition plays a huge role in your results. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in the gym or you feel like you’re not making the progress you feel you deserve chances are there’s something wrong with the way you fuel your body. A few adult beverages a night and fast food isn’t the way to the body of your dreams. In this episode of “The Maximus Podcast” your hosts Joe Cebula and Bobby Maximus lay out some nutritional rules that will help you build a good foundation of health and wellness. It’s not rocket science, and it may seem like simple advice you already know, but chances are you aren’t doing this so pay attention. 

Here are the calculations for weight gain and weight loss we discussed in the podcast: 

Calculations for adding calories – Mass Gain 

Add 0.05 Slow/Steady 

0.1 Moderate with some fat gain 

0.15-0.2 High but with expected fat gain 

Calculations for Weight Loss 

0.15 Slow/Steady with minimal muscle loss 

0.2 Moderate Fat loss and potential muscle mass 

0.25 Lots of fat loss but high muscle loss

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