Jacqueline Kasen is an all around amazing human and an emerging leader in the worldwide fitness space. She’s been immersed in the fitness world since her youth. From participating in the Junior Olympics to excelling as a collegiate athlete and now as a Director of Group Fitness for Anatomy, Certified Personal Trainer, and Exercise Specialist.  Her passion is to help people become something greater than themselves, and that passion has driven her to become a die-hard professional in the Health and Fitness arena. Jacqueline obtained her B.S in Exercise Science with a minor in Health from Plymouth State University. She has since dedicated herself to further her studies by specializing in a number of areas and has over 20 certifications. She is an International Educator and Master Trainer for Technogym, Board of Directors for FIBO USA, and provides written content for several media sources. In this episode of The Maximus Podcast we talk to her about her tremendous positivity, leadership, and her dedication to her community. 

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