Sean Garner is one of our favorite people in the fitness industry. You won’t meet a more genuinely nicer guy than Sean. His interest in fitness started as he was preparing to become a firefighter. That led to a passion in helping others and he decided to start his first gym. Since those early days, Garner has owned three different fitness facilities, has worked as a personal trainer and also has managed a multi-million dollar per year training facility in Miami, FL. A true Renaissance Man, Garner has also created DVDs, multiple digital fitness products and has been named one of the Top Trainers in the World by Men’s Health magazine. Recently, after seeing what the online space can provide fitness professionals and clients, he founded EntreFit, where he guides fit pros and gym owners to create or scale online offerings as a component of their business. In this episode of The Maximus Podcast the message is positivity, being kind, grateful, and getting your ass to work.

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