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From the man responsible for the gym that trained the actors in the movie 300 comes cutting-edge fitness strategies, 100 workouts, and a training plan that has successfully transformed A-list actors and actresses, elite special-forces soldiers, all-star athletes, and everyday men and women. With Bobby Maximus’s guidance you too can become one of the most insanely fit people the world has ever seen.


The diets and workouts that promise easy results in minutes per day have tricked masses into wasting their money on false promises. Supplements, smoothies, and 4-minute workouts aren’t getting people any fitter. Getting that shredded body requires real commitment and real work — and Bobby can show you how.


Maximus Body features circuit-style workouts that will push you to your limits and work your whole body. With a plethora of exercises like “Don’t Ask Me About Your Abs,” that work your core with a combination of sit ups, push-ups, pull ups, and even leg raises, you can develop an exercise routine that fits your needs.


Whether you are overweight and trying to get back into shape, or a high-level athlete trying to gain that extra edge, Maximus Body offers up thousands of once-secret ways to burn fat, add lean muscle, reveal a shredded 8-pack, and build mind-bending physical fitness.

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THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IS FULL OF BALD-FACED LIES promising easy results in just minutes per day, and it’s tricked you into wasting hundreds — maybe even thousands — of dollars on these false promises. Supplements, cardio machines, and 4-minute workouts aren’t getting you ripped and muscular. And they’re not going to.

If you really want to get back in shape for your kids, your partner, your health, your performance, your self-respect, and your sex drive, then you need to make a real commitment, and you need to do the work. That’s what MAXIMUS BODY is all about.

Bobby Maximus, author of MAXIMUS BODY, is a former UFC® fighter and today is known as the world’s best body transformation coach, helping movie stars become superheroes and showing regular, everyday busy guys how to get fit, ripped, and muscular using his fast and effective workouts.


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