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We all doubt ourselves at times. We think the worst and we lack faith in our abilities. These Green Dots can help.

There are 10 Green dots in each order.

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We all doubt ourselves at times. We think the worst and we lack faith in our abilities. We question our fitness, our strength, our resolve. These thoughts are called ‘Red Light Thoughts’. They can include thoughts like: “I am not able to do this”, “I don’t have good genetics”, “A friend who was more fit than me failed”, “I don’t have enough time to devote to this”, etc. These are the thoughts that shut us down. We need to overwrite all this negative self talk and programming by thinking ‘Green Light Thoughts’. These are positive thoughts that lead to success. Essentially it is constant positive self-talk.

When I fought in the UFC I needed positive self talk more than ever. To help me think positive self thoughts  I got a roll of round green stickers from an office supply store and put the stickers around my house, on my steering wheel, in my locker at the gym, etc. Every time I saw a sticker I needed to immediately think of a ‘Green Light Thought’. These ‘Green Light Thoughts’ were reasons that I would be successful. They should relate to your goal and be positive. “I am a fit person”, “I am dedicated and have put in the time to be successful”, “There are numerous other people who have succeeded so why can’t I”.

By thinking ‘Green Light Thoughts’ throughout the day I was able to reach new levels of success.

Here are the official Maximus Green Dot stickers so you can take your mental training to a whole new level.

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