Program Description:

This plan is a plan devoted to getting you stronger. Specifically it is designed to increase your maximal strength in three key movements: The Bench Press, The Deadlift, and The Squat.

I call it ‘Simple Strength’ but that doesn’t mean it is easy. I call it simple because it relies on relatively standard equipment. It is a very straight forward approach to strength training. It only really requires a barbell, weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a box to step or jump on. It doesn’t require chains, bands, a monolith, a tendo unit, or complicated movements. It is built on basic principles.

Many of the strength workouts in this plan are based on the work of one of the most influential people in the strength training world: A.S Prilepin. He reportedly reviewed the training journals of over 1000 of the best weightlifters in the world and came up with a chart to help guide and create weight training workouts. His work has influenced many of the best gyms on the planet today including what I consider to be the finest powerlifting gym in the world “Westside Barbell”.

Even though anyone could technically do this plan I would not recommend it for someone that doesn’t have a lengthy training history. Before someone undertook this plan I would want them to have at least 18 months of solid gym work under their belt. They should also be very familiar with the form of the deadlift, bench press, and back squat.

I would also want a person to have the following prerequisites in terms of the major lifts. Note these are not great numbers but rather base minimums.

Deadlift: 2x Bodyweight

Back Squat: 1.5x Bodyweight

Bench Press 1.5x Bodyweight

This program is suitable for both Men & Women.

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