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The SkiErg has become one of my favorite conditioning tools in the gym. It is great for developing a high level of cardiovascular fitness and it also has a lot of sport specific uses. For example it is an excellent way to develop a high level of fitness for mixed martial arts and fighting.

A lot of people think the SkiErg is harder than the rower. By that I mean they assume their times should be slower. That is not true. Most people are better on the rower because they have spent more time on it. If you spend some time on the SkiErg you will improve rapidly and soon you may even be better on the rower.

This one month program has a good balance between the demands of being good on the SkiErg and improving every day functional fitness. The program itself is fairly heavy on Skierging. Each day you’ll SkiErg for the warm-up and the cool down. There are numerous interval SkiErg workouts , longer SkiErg efforts and also a test each week. The first week is the 500m SkiErg and it culminates with the dreaded 2000m SkiErg at the end of week 4.

There are 3 weighted days each week. You’ll work on your deadlift, bench press, front squat, back squat, pull-ups, push-ups, and a host of other movements. Each workout should take approximately an hour.

For the program to work optimally you can’t miss workouts. Each day is as important as the next. Go into each day with a good attitude and the right amount of intensity. Try as hard as you can to hit all of the required numbers and intensities. The program won’t work if you don’t attack it with some ferocity. If you do you’ll see some remarkable success.

As a final note I wouldn’t say this program is for a beginner. It is more for the intermediate athlete. If you haven’t rowed very much before you may want to use another program for a few months (i.e. Back To Basics) until you are ready for this level of training.

Enjoy all the personal bests you will set.

Note: This program is for both Men & Women.

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