An excerpt from “The Book Of Bobby Maximus” (Verse 5, Chapter 11)

What goes around comes back around. Always be aware of how you treat other people. 

The things you do to other people are the things that will be done to you eventually. 

Don’t engage in any kind of behavior that you wouldn’t want other people engaging in. Don’t say unkind things that you wouldn’t want said about you. 

Don’t do to a person something that you wouldn’t want done to you. Treat people with respect, kindness, and love. 

Hold yourself to a high standard. Most importantly when you engage in any action whether it be personal or professional, ask yourself “how would it feel if I was on the other end of this?”. 

If it wouldn’t feel good then don’t do it because if you do you’ll have nothing to complain about when it’s done right back to you.

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