An excerpt from The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 5, Chapter 13): 

Don’t be a slave to your self image.

Self image is the greatest psychological barrier we face and it controls our performance in the gym and in life. We will never out perform the self-image we have of ourselves. If you picture yourself a second place finisher you’ll never come first.

I have been a victim of this myself. My first fight in the @ufc I remember being in the locker room thinking “I don’t belong here”. I viewed myself as a kid from a small town of 2000 people in Northern Canada, a kid who was bullied, a kid who was never part of the cool kids club, a kid who was never very good at sports. And here I was about to fight a person with a much better record than me, more experience than me, in front of 20,000 people. I was terrified.

My self image won that day. I couldn’t escape the limitations I had placed on myself.

The truth was I did belong. I had done the work, I had trained with some of the best coaches and training partners a person could ever ask for, I had been invited there to fight, and yet I still couldn’t see it. I lost that fight. Badly. It’s something I learned from.

A person will never outperform their image or the limitations they’ve put on themselves. I worked hard to remove those limitations and I’m still working hard to remove them today. It’s an ongoing battle but because of the work I continually put in I’ve been successful more than I’ve failed.

Start stripping yourself of your limitations and build yourself a self image you can be proud of. One that allows you to achieve your dreams.

Once you do that barriers you once faced will be broken.

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