An excerpt from The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 4, Chapter 21): 

Who do you believe in and who do you look up to? You probably follow them or admire them for a reason. Maybe it’s their motivational quotes, maybe it’s the fact you find them insightful, or maybe they inspire you. 

That said have you ever truly examined the complete behaviors of these people. There are some people on the internet, social media, podcasts, and on television who may say inspirational things or write thought provoking messages but they also engage in some very negative behaviors. 

They’re passive aggressive, they are constantly complaining about something or more often than not someone (usually someone they perceive to be more successful than them), and they put others down. They make fun of people and take shots at others. 

Ask yourself a few questions: Is this the way professionals behave? No. Is this the way good people behave? No. Are these the types of people you want to be like? Are these the type of people you want to support. 

Remember that the most successful people in the world don’t behave this way nor do the most inspiring. The people who really want to help others don’t behave this way. Finally who you admire and who you look up to says a lot about your character. So open your eyes and ears. Pay attention. 

Don’t just take notice of what you want to notice. What you see and hear may cause you to think differently. It may even shock you…

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