An excerpt from “The Book Of Bobby Maximus” (Verse 10, Chapter 9)

If you have something to say then say it to a person’s face.

There is a growing group of people out there who lack the decency and integrity to deal with people face-to-face. They hide behind keyboards and troll others. They make insulting and rude comments instead of being positive. Simply put they are bullies and attacking other people is their pathetic attempt at trying to fix something that is deeply wrong within themselves.

They also feel they are protected because they are in their own home separated from their target by thousands of miles. What’s even worse is when these kinds of people don’t even insult others directly but they put up pictures or ambiguous quotes on Instagram or Facebook that are clearly directed at certain people but they don’t have the courage to name those individuals directly. They do this so they can deny it in the future and claim it wasn’t directed at anyone.

Why take veiled shots at people? Why act like a 9th grader? It’s immature and sad. Instead of being negative, be positive. Instead of insulting others, mind your own business. If you have some issue with a person just talk to them. Easy, straight forward, honorable.

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