An excerpt from The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 8, Chapter 7): 

Pain leads to power. Struggle leads to strength.

If there was a pill that could make you more fit without effort would you take it? If you could really get fit for three easy payments of $9.99 would you buy it? I wouldn’t.

I’ve seen how genuine hard work and effort changes people from the inside out. Through a cycle of struggle, hard work, and then success, something happens to a person not only physically but psychologically.

Building genuine fitness and horsepower can transfer from the gym to every other area of your life. The effects of training to row a sub seven minute 2000m Row or the effects of training to complete a double Bodyweight deadlift don’t wash off with you in the shower. The effects stay with you. The confidence you gain stays with you. The feeling of success stays with you.

The more you struggle and the more you have to work for what you want the longer those feelings lasts. The easy path never brings the reward you really want. Nothing in life should come easily and if it does you don’t want it because chances are it comes with a catch.

Take the road less traveled and do things the right way. The greater the struggle, the more pain you feel, the harder you work, the greater the reward at the end of that road.

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