An excerpt from The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 1, Chapter 5): Since when is it acceptable to be a jerk? Since when it is acceptable to put people down and be so judgmental? This happens in everyday life but even more on the computer because people can hide behind a keyboard. I notice it more than anywhere on social media. There are a lot of posts and comments on social media aimed at putting other people down. It’s wrong. It doesn’t matter whether these posts are directly insulting people by calling them names, or whether they are cryptic passive aggressive messages designed to diminish others. Both are equally as bad. You won’t find the respect you’re looking for by behaving like a bully. Rather than talking down to people just talk to them. Rather than try to intimidate just educate. Finally Don’t put others down to try and build up your own image. It won’t work and you won’t find what it is you’re really looking for.