An Excerpt From The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 1, Chapter 7): 

You know what I hate more than anything? 

Passive aggressiveness. 

What, because you’re insecure or have some issue with your own happiness you can take it out on others in a backhanded way? 

The thing I hate the most about it is the cowardice involved. A snide remark is made or some passive aggressive comment and then you call someone out for their bullshit and you’re bad guy. 

They claim “I didn’t mean it like that” or they blame you and say “you’re taking it wrong”. No I’m not. You’re an asshole and you meant it exactly as you said it. 

And there’s no excuse. It’s not because you fall under some astrological sign and it’s not because “you’re just honest and straightforward”. You’re actually neither. You’re just an asshole. 

So here’s some advice don’t hide behind some passive aggressive comment that you can twist in your favor later. 

Again, it’s a behavior I can’t stand. Just say what you mean and live with the repercussions of what your words bring about. In other words own your shit. 

That or don’t say anything at all and just shut the fuck up. 

Nobody really wants to hear what you say anyway

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