An excerpt from The Book Of Bobby Maximus (Verse 1, Chapter 25): 

There’s no excuse for being an asshole. 

It seems we live in a day and age where people make accommodations and excuses for other people’s poor behavior. 

You’ll hear things like “that person has a problem”, or “they had a poor upbringing”, or “they went through a difficult time” as if it makes their current behavior acceptable. My personal favorite is “well that’s just (insert name here) being (insert same name here)” or “they didn’t mean it that way”. Like either of these things somehow makes it okay. I’ve even heard people try to label others to minimize their behavior. They diagnose them with a mental illness or condition to explain their ‘assholery’ when the person was never formally diagnosed by a medical professional. It seems everyone today has aspergers, narcissism, bipolar disorder, or is on a spectrum of some kind. I think that’s insulting to the people who actually and truly suffer with these very serious and very real mental illnesses. The bottom line is that the only label assholes need is that of ‘asshole’. 

Stop making concessions for them, stop enabling them, and above all else stop putting up with it. Nice people inherently want to give others the benefit of the doubt, avoid confrontation or give people a chance, and try and forgive. I respect and admire that but when someone deserves it there’s nothing wrong with standing up to them and calling it like it is. 

Stop enabling, stop making excuses and start standing up to these people.

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