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A well rounded coach must be able to program for all sports and all events. Yes my areas of expertise are fight training, tactical training, and training professional athletes but I also am skilled at writing endurance programs.

This is a 3 month marathon program. It’s hard to classify exactly who this is for. I would say it is for a beginner to an intermediate level runner. However the first week contains 20 total miles of running which may make it unsuitable for a person who has never run before. The other aspect which makes it difficult is that there are two key components in this program that vary wildly: lifting and running. Conceivably someone could be at a high level in the weight room and have zero experience running. Or vice versa someone could have a lengthy running history and no experience with lifting weights.

Therefore before doing this program you need to use your judgement.

Here are a few guidelines if you are one of the people who lacks experience in one of the key areas:

1) If you have no running base then you may want to do a build up month to this program where you run 5 miles week one, 8 miles week two, 12 miles week three and 15 miles week four. At that point you could start the program.

2) If you have zero weight lifting experience you could take a month and you could practice movements and get your body accustomed to the demands of the weight room before taking on this program.

The program itself is 12 weeks in length. It requires two days of weight lifting per week and 4 running days. One of those days is a long run on the weekend (i.e. 90 minutes – 3 hours). There is only one workout each day (no two-a-days) so anyone could have time to incorporate this schedule into their lives.

The first three weeks don’t require any special tools. By week 4 you will need a heart rate monitor that has a chest strap, wrist monitor and is capable of recording your heart rate. In this week you’ll be doing a max heart rate test and then the workouts for the next 8 weeks will be based on that max heart rate. During this time you will build a base of volume that starts at 20 miles a week and progresses to 40 miles a week.

You will also need to come up with a goal time for your marathon. A few rules: Don’t self limit and also don’t be afraid to adjust your goal. For example if you set your goal at 5 hours and then all of your running feedback is saying you are capable of 3 hours and 45 minutes then make an adjustment. Never sell yourself short.

Finally to start the program count back 84 days (exactly 12 weeks) from your proposed marathon day so you end at the proper time as the last two weeks act as a taper to help facilitate a great performance on the day of the event.


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