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One of the plans that I received numerous requests for is a “Time Restricted” plan. With a busy life that usually includes work, family, commuting, and a need for free time it seems there are a lot of people out there who constantly seem rushed and unable to commit to an hour a day for training.

In the past I have been hesitant to write a “Time Restricted” plan because I sincerely believe that everyone CAN carve out at least one hour (have you read “Be The Dentist”). That said If a person only believes they have 30 minutes a day to train I’d rather help them and provide them with a plan than be judgmental.

This plan is based on 30 minutes a day, six days a week. It is a bare bones plans that requires you get right to work when you enter the gym. Many or the workouts are difficult if done correctly because if you are only going to train 30 minutes a day the workout needs to be intense and to see a positive result you need to be “all in”. Remember that intensity is the inverse or duration. So the longer the workout the less intense you can afford to be. The short the workout the more intense you NEED to be.

Remember that his plan isn’t perfect, it’s “Time Restricted”. With only 30 minutes a day to train there are some holes but that’s the sacrifice one makes for not being able or willing to donate more time. To help supplement the plan and make it more well rounded you may want to try to do more work when possible throughout the day. Go for a walk or run at lunch, do push-ups while at work or while you watch television with your family at night. Maybe on the weekends when you have more time then make your workouts longer and get some extra work in. Remember that the more time you can devote to training the more fit you will become and the better you will do.

Even though I say the plan isn’t perfect it will still help you get an amazing result out of your training. There have been times that I myself have been on this type of schedule and saw gains in my performance. Just remember your success is tied directly to how hard you are willing to go in that 30 minutes so use what little time you have wisely.

One more last piece of advice. The days you have more time then add to the workout. Or when you have time off from work then really add some time and crush it. With some planning and dedication you’ll be shocked at how fit you will get.


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