Growing up Jeremiah Lemon described himself as “a short fat kid with low self esteem”. He was always filled with self doubt and never had the confidence to believe in himself. He always believed he would be “fat, ugly, and out of shape”. Throughout most of his life he was plagued by extreme negative self talk and failed at numerous fitness programs. When he was 20 he was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had to get his thyroid removed. He weighed 245lbs and was destroyed mentally and physically. 

When I met Jeremiah at my seminar in Minnesota he was at rock bottom but a spark was ignited. In his words “Bobby completely changed the view I had of myself and my abilities”. He bought my book ‘Maximus Body’ and got to work following the 6 month program. He also knew he needed more than just the book though so he began working with Joe Cebula who is a colleague, friend, and one of the best transformational coaches I have ever worked with. In fact I recommend him to anyone who is serious about making a serious change. In 6 months of following the book’s program and working with Joe daily Jeremiah made a life altering change. He lost 70lbs, was able to do pull-ups for the first time, and what’s far more important learned to believe in himself. 


In his own words: 


“Growing up I was a short fat kid with low self esteem. I have always had a self doubting mind set and have never had the confidence to believe that I could be anything other than ugly, fat and out of shape. “I will never have abs”, “I will never be able to do a single pull up” are some of the thoughts I had convinced myself were true. Through my teens and twenties those thoughts continued to bring me down as I tried and failed at multiple fitness programs.


When I was 20 years old I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which came as a huge surprise. I looked at this as another self defeating event in my life. The cancer was removed via surgery that caused me to swell up like a balloon. The doctors removed my thyroid and several lymph nodes. After surgery, without a thyroid I continued to gain weight, only weeks after surgery I weighed 245 pounds. I had never felt worse about my physical appearance.


In August of 2017, on my birthday, I met Bobby Maximus at a seminar hosted by my Crossfit coach, Joe Cebula. He completely changed my view of myself and my abilities. He inspired me to believe in myself. I bought his book that outlined his program. After reading his book, I felt driven to succeed and for the first time in my life, believed that I was in control of my physical fitness. I started his 6 month body transformation program. It was not easy and required a lot of discipline and sacrifice which is one of the biggest things Bobby emphasizes. I finally understood that in order to see the results I wanted I needed to buckle down.


When I started his program I weighed in at 245 pounds, my only goals were to get under 200 pounds and to be able to do a pull up. I began my journey in December of 2017. Joe kept me on track and offered the best advice while I was on this journey. The first 2 months I was getting discouraged because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted but at the end of month 3 going into month 4 the weight started melting off. I was losing 2-3 pounds per week.


With the help of Bobby’s book and the guidance of the best coach in Minnesota, Joe Cebula, at the end of my 6 month program I weighed 175lbs. I lost 70 pounds in 6 months and have kept them the weight off since I finished. I’m also able to do all the pull ups I want. The 6 month program changed my life and I can honestly say that without the program and without Joe I don’t know if I would have achieved what I did. Now that I look the part, It’s helped me be a better martial artist and a better person.”

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