When Xavier started the program he wasn’t in good physical shape and more importantly he was extremely unhealthy. He sat in front of a computer desk working 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. He was completely sedentary and had a terrible diet filled with junk food. He was 5’11 and weighed 172 pounds but was at 23% body fat. He couldn’t even string three burpees together. Fast forward six months and he gained 7 pounds, dropped to 13% body fat and made incredible gains in strength and fitness. He can now do things he has never done including completing “Prison Burpees”,a 20-1 burpee ladder (210 total reps) in 18:33. Amazing for a guy who couldn’t even do three burpees in a row at one point. I couldn’t be more proud of his dedication, persistence, and attitude. He’s truly been an inspiration to me and those around him. Way to kick ass Xavier. The sky is the limit for you. 

In Xavier’s words:

“I’m Xavier Casanova. My story goes like this. 

I was a soccer player in high school and played in another local league (the kind of league where old guys smoke cigarettes at half time and recover with a six pack after the game). All in all I was playing two games a week and practicing seven times a week for a total of 9 workouts a week. I was in good cardiovascular shape and what I considered to be fit. 

Fast forward 12 years. I’m 32 and working a job that has me sitting in front of a computer all day. I’ve stopped exercising altogether. I wake up at 5am in the morning, leave the house and return at 4:30pm. This happens seven days a week. My health has gone south. I’m eating junk food daily and I can barely keep up with my now growing children. 

I learned of Bobby Maximus years ago and I started following him on Instagram. I was excited to finally get a glimpse of his methods with the release of his book ‘The Maximus Body’. I bought it for my birthday in February of 2017 and so began my fitness journey. 

Boy was it tough. I am 5’11 and weighed 172 pounds. I was 23% body fat and I couldn’t string together three burpees. I started to exercise hard and do something I had never done: eat healthy. I ate well balanced “real” food and consumed enough calories to train. As somebody who never hit a gym I had a slow start but I did the best I could. I couldn’t use the suggested beginner weights in any exercise but I did them anyway. I leaned heavily on the no-gear section of the workouts and did 98% of the program out of my garage. My “go-to” workout became the “Prison Burpee Ladder”, it’s a 20-1 burped ladder (210 reps of pure hell). 

To be honest there were days that I missed and times I broke down on my diet but I did not quit. I jumped right back into the program exactly where I left off. 

In six months I gained seven pounds and I dropped to 13% body fat. I made incredible gains in my fitness and strength. At the start I couldn’t complete 100 reps of the bench press at 95lbs and it took me 67 minutes to complete my first ever attempt at the “prison burpee ladder”. By the end of the program (six months) I could do 100 reps of bench press at 135lbs in 21:16 (a massive improvement) and I could complete the “prison burpee ladder” in only 18:33. 

I’m still working from the book. I’ve bought more weights and equipment and am attempting the more complex workouts that involve multiple barbells. I’m three pounds heavier and sit 12% body fat. 

Bobby Maximus and The Maximus Body changed my life through fitness. I no longer make excuses or waste time on nonsense gimmicks and false promises of easy work and quick results. If you really want to change, you need to have a mental change. The Maximus Body is the only program I know of that will tell to you the truth… You aren’t fit, you don’t work hard, you don’t eat good enough and you are unrealistic with the time it takes to truly transform. But it will then do something well worth the price many times over. It will show you exactly how to fix those problems. Thanks Bobby.”