Ute CrossFit aka “Hack’s Pack” won the CrossFit® Games in 2012 and 2013. They were the first team to win the competition in back to back years. Both of those years I wrote their programming and coached them along side Tommy Hackenbruck. Since then I have received many requests for their programming. Versions of that programming have been used in subsequent years by teams who have both won and placed very highly in The Games.

The program here isn’t exactly what those teams did but is based on what was written for “Hack’s Pack” in 2013. I have modified the workouts slightly to make the program something a person or team could follow on their own. That said there are only minor alterations and many of the workouts are in their original form.

This program itself is eight weeks. Obviously they trained longer but this is representative of the main aspects of their program. The format is three weeks of hard work followed by one week of recovery/taper work.

If you are going to do this program remember that it was written for a highly fit group of people. Before I ever met them they were already a very fit group of individuals. Before undergoing this training each man and woman on the team had a lengthy training history and a very high work capacity. They also all had a very high work ethic and desire to win. To demonstrate how fit they were the standards Tommy expected from each team member is listed at the bottom of this write-up. There is no magic in this programming. It was their hard work, commitment to excellence, and Tommy’s exceptional leadership that made those two championships happen.

When you look at the programming you’ll see a few free days where there is no specified programming. This is to allow team members to work on individual skills. Even though all of the members of Hack’s Pack were extremely fit they all had their own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses that needed to be addressed.

On the Wednesday there’s room for Olympic lifting practice. Olympic lifting is an extremely important aspect of competing. It would be ideal to have Olympic Lifting Coach to help you with form.  Ensure the work focuses on technique and speed but should not be of high intensity. You need to feel great going into the Thursday.

On Friday there is room for technical practice of the various competition movements you need to be proficient at. Practice muscle-ups, hand stand push-ups, double-unders, kipping pull-ups, etc. Intensity on this day shouldn’t be too high but rather be dedicated to perfecting the movement patterns you need to win.

Finally on Saturday there is room for practicing “game day” conditions. This workout could be many things. It could be a technical day and dedicated to workout walkthroughs and strategy . It could be a long and difficult workout incorporating movements needed to improve. It could be a local workout competition or it could be a simulation of a competition day by doing two or three events throughout the day that have been pulled from years of previous competition. This could be your hardest day of the week if you choose.

As you can see there is a tremendous amount of work in the program. You may think you can improve more by adding work. Don’t. This program was written like this for a reason. There needs to be balance and more isn’t always better. Sometimes more leads to injury.

Remember as well the work doesn’t begin and end inside the gym. Recovery outside the gym will be the key. Every day I would expect 8-10 hours of sleep. I’d expect a massage each and every week. Twice is even better. I would also expect an athlete is on the foam roller every day, having an ice bath after each hard workout, doing recovery walks throughout the day, and engaging in other activities that facilitate recovery. If you don’t take the recovery seriously you will get hurt or burned out. Make it a priority.

As promised above here are the standards Tommy expected from his Team members.

Women’s Minimum Standards:

Benchmark WODs:

Fran = 3:00

Helen = 7:45

FGB = 375

Diane = 4:30

Max Lifts:

Snatch = 145lbs

C&J = 195lbs

Front Squat = 225lbs

Deadlift = 335lbs

Overhead Squat = 200lbs

Bench Press = 155lbs


Strict Muscle-up = 1 reps

Muscle-up = 7 reps

Bar Muscle-up = 12 reps

Strict Pull-ups = 15 reps

Butterfly Pull-ups = 30 reps

Weighted Pull-up = 55lbs

Ring Dips = 20 reps

Strict HSPU = 12 reps

Kipping HSPU = 20 reps


400m Run = 65 seconds

Mile Run = 5:55

5k Run = 21:00

60 min Row = 12,600m

10 min AirDyne (FanBike) = 200 calories

Men’s Minimum Standards:

Benchmark WODs:

Fran = 2:30

Helen = 7:30

FGB = 425

Diane = 3:00

Max Lifts:

Snatch = 235lbs

C&J = 315lbs

Front Squat = 350lbs

Deadlift = 500lbs

Overhead Squat = 315lbs

Bench Press = 325lbs


Strict Muscle-up = 5 reps

Muscle-up = 15 reps

Bar Muscle-up = 20 reps

Strict Pull-ups = 20 reps

Butterfly Pull-ups = 40 reps

Weighted Pull-up = 100lbs

Ring Dips = 35 reps

Strict HSPU = 25 reps

Kipping HSPU = 35 reps


400m Run = 58 seconds

Mile Run = 5:30

5k Run = 20:30

60 min Row = 15,500m

10 min AirDyne (FanBike) = 300 calories


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