Featured on www.menshealth.com on July 10th, 2020:

Bobby Maximus, former UFC fighter, fitness personality, and author of the Men’s Health Maximus Body book, hosted the latest session. Maximus makes a point to train without equipment even when he has a fully-stocked gym at his disposal—so creating an accessible session for guys stuck at home without access to gear fits perfectly to his training style.

You might not make it through today’s workout with Maximus. The format is one of his favorites—his ‘Death By’ routines are infamous among anyone who has tried them, for good reason. You’re not actually going to die, of course but you will be challenged to the edge of your physical capacity. 

The format is simple. Set a timer to go off every minute. In the first minute, you’ll do 1 rep. Minute 2, 2 reps. As the workout progresses, you continue with this setup—so the workout is easy to start, but then it gets really, really hard. 

More than anything else, make sure you’re doing your reps properly. “Form becomes of the utmost importance, because that’s the only way to measure our progress,” Maximus says. “Prepare yourself mentally, because the wheels fall off this one in a hurry.”

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