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Speaking Engagements & Corporate Wellness


With a big personality and even bigger heart, Bobby Maximus is a highly coveted speaker. As a former UFC fighter, police officer and renowned strength and conditioning coach, companies are lining up to put Bobby in front of sales teams and corporate staffs. Using humor, unique life experience and sound philosophies, Bobby motivates and unites teams like nobody else. Your employees will learn how to work together, exceed goals, increase mental strength and ultimately become better people. Bobby has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Blender Bottle, National Grid. Nike, Cisco, and Rhone Apparel. He's also worked closely with numerous Tier One assets in the United States Military.


Training & More


Besides working with corporations, military groups, and sports teams, Bobby has also worked with numerous individuals to help them achieve their goals. He's mentored countless athletes & corporate executives to help them be more successful in all areas of life and maximize their potential. Bobby also works with people by offering custom fitness programming, lifestyle & performance coaching, and private tutorials. Other services include:


1-1 training

mini-camps and private seminars

Corporate leadership mentoring

Personal lifestyle & fitness coaching

Health consultations

Exercise workshops & seminars for gyms and businesses

Military Training 



During his career Bobby Maximus has had the privilege of working with numerous Tier One assets in the United States military. He also worked with numerous other SOCOM and law enforcement agencies all over the world. He is an expert in the instruction of "Hybrid Fitness" which is an essential aspect of operator success. He is available to teach two day, five day, and custom length courses. Please email to obtain course information or to obtain a quote.

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