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In my best selling Book ‘Maximus Body’ I outlined 20 different men’s fitness standards. I didn’t think to include women’s because it was a Men’s Health book.

Since the book was released though many women have purchased the book and have asked me about standards for them so here they are. 20 of them. Same standards as the guys just different numbers.

These standards aren’t for powerlifting or for a specialized sport. They are for general fitness.

So it doesn’t matter if you weigh 100 pounds or 160 pounds. If you can reach and maintain them all, you’re a woman who can lift heavy and go for long durations—and can ultimately handle anything physical life throws at you.

Enjoy these.

Back squat: 1.5 times your body weight

Deadlift: 2 times your body weight

Front squat: 1.25 times your body weight

Overhead squat: Body weight

Bench press: Bodyweight

Power clean: Body weight

Turkish getup: half your body weight

60-second fan bike: 40 calories

500-meter Row: 1:45

500-meter SkiErg: 1:40

1,000-meter Row: 3:50

1,000-meter SkiErg: 3:50

2,000-meter row: 8:00

2,000-meter ski: 8:00

5,000-meter row: 22:30

5,000-meter ski: 22:30

1.5-mile Run: 9:00

60-minute row: 12,500 meters

60-minute ski: 12,500 meters

10K run: 50 minutes

Enjoy attaining all of these.

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