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When it comes to diet I have always liked to keep things fairly simple. Why? Because simple is effective. Too many people complicate things. They weigh, measure, go crazy over macros, and obsess over their food. I am willing to admit that this can be extremely effective for some but in my experience most people fall apart following this type of plan.

So here are the Bobby Maximus ‘5 Simple Rules For Fat Loss’. They are rules I have developed and utilized wth clients over the years and rules I have followed at times myself. I’ve seen others attain tremendous success as well by following them.

Remember that the rules are simple to follow but that doesn’t make the process easy. If you want to see results you’ll need to stay dedicated. You’ll have to have self control, will power, and determination.

Diet alone also won’t be enough to see the weight loss you want. You’ll need to be on an exercise program and get plenty of sleep (8 hours a night). Do those things in conjunction with these rules and you’ll see some rapid results.

Here are the rules:

1) Eat 5 small meals per day. Ideally they are spaced 3 hours apart. What do I mean by meals? Small feedings. You should never exceed 500 calories in any one meal. You’re daily total should end up between 1800 and 2500 calories per day. Make sure you at least eat the minimum to support the work you are doing

2) Eat real food. Ditch the processed foods and sugar. If it was made in a lab don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce it don’t put it in your mouth. If it wasn’t made 100 years ago it’s not food now. Basically if you can kill it or pluck it from the ground it’s fair game. Be diligent with this. Read labels and pay attention. Also get used to making your food at home and doing a little food prep.

3) Control your carbs. When it comes to Macros don’t go crazy with counting and percentages and all sorts of nonsense but limit your carbohydrates to 100 g per day. Also no carbohydrates after 3pm. That means no fruit, starches, or sugars past 3pm. Only meat and veggies. The rest of your calories will come from protein and fat.

4) No food later than 3 hours before bedtime. That means if you go to bed at 10pm then the last bite of food you have is done before 7pm. Never cheat this rule. If you are hungry learn to deal with it.

5) Don’t drink your calories. Eat solid food. If you are thirsty learn to love water and not the water with flavor in it. Just plain, wet, water. Before you ask know that his includes alcohol. Consider yourself on alcohol probation.

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